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Postby torbz » Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:23 pm

Hi everyone, been a little while since I last checked in, but this current problem for handpan makers has reflected movements on other fronts regarding what we face in the future.
I'll do what I can to support, pretty cashless and not on social media anymore. I've stuck it on my homepage for what it's worth and I'll mail it out to whoever I can.

I'm gonna post another thread now about my recent censorship experiences with Mailchimp...that I want to share to the community, in the vague hope of wrestling back some freedoms I feel we are losing.

Long live freedom of expression
long live creative evolution
long live love & unity

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Re: Handpan Makers United

Postby greenoak » Thu May 13, 2021 6:12 am

For those who are not hooked into Facebook or follow events, PANArt initiated an action against Ayasa to confiscate all their instruments and tools with intent to destroy them.

from Ralf van den Bor

To everyone concerned, it’s true that PANArt seized all our instruments and parts for our instrument production. Their wish is to have everything destroyed. We were really surprised when the bailiff, a locksmith and a police officer were here to execute the seizure without prior notice. We have been trying to get more clarity on the situation and will send a more detailed update once we have more information.
The seizure took place on the 28th April and within 14 days from that day, the bailiff needs to serve us the court summons drafted by PANArt, which should be any day now. From then we know where this will take us.
We will stay strong in this situation, but with another court case now here in the Netherlands, we have to ask the community for additional support with funding for these procedures. The outcome will affect all of us.
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