Warnings of suspect sales.

Re: c*mpr*v*nt*h*

Postby Mikey P » Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:32 pm

All the lies.... :x
All the misrepresentation..... :x
All the layers and layers of deception to the public !!!! :x
And all for one thing.............Self Profit !!! :twisted:

No thanks Fernando !
Not supported here in our community !!!
We back truthful, honest craftsmen for the better of the entire community !!!

Do us all a favor....
And stop trying to argue the point ! :x
The damage is done.....again and again....
We do not support the efforts of your team !!!
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Re: c*mpr*v*nt*h*

Postby drumabob » Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:39 pm

i just took the last our with google translator sorting , understanding. Yes we need to do something against such business practices..but when i see the number of :x , visible and invisible i beleive we are harming ourself as a community and as individuals.
I dont think that this c******* business will go anywhere and cause mutch damage because itis a stupid business plan. Damage done already...feel mad and nausea in my stomach because of all this negative energy. I am not saying to close our eyes and be ''happy'' with ignorance...i am saying kick this Fernando out of here and let him sink least that is what i will do by reading other posts <3 <3 <3 so many beautifull things...why get my soul dirty
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Re: c*mpr*v*nt*h*

Postby Bikerbusk » Sun Mar 31, 2013 3:56 pm

Drumbob .... don't get worked up I don't understand a word he says seems to me he is writing Mexican or Spanish one of those languages.....I don't think he going to be here long when a translator is needed to understand ....Roy

Oh and to all a happy Zombie Jesus day
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Re: c*mpr*v*nt*h*

Postby don marco » Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:21 pm

Roy, I love you!

Greenoak, I couldn't agree more.

Fernando, thank you for being an inevitable example of capitalistic reality. It's a lesson and reflection of reality that we all need!!! You are a true foreshadowing taste of the economic darkness that I expect much more of in the future of this art form.

From a traditional economic stance, I can't find much harm in your business model as it is as old as the economy itself: The age old journey of the middle man. In the "moral" mindset and desires of this community and our work, I could never support you or your desires of exploitation and complete disrespect of the makers however.

As a builder of these instruments, I am rather offended by your "sponsoring" of entries in lotteries whether they be mine, Pantheon's or anyone else's. You are basically trying to scam a system that was created to expand equality among the people that want these instruments, and then turn a profit on it. You are trying to hijack the essence of the whole system for your own selfish benefit mate. Is there really not another way to make an honest living in your life?

If you don't respect the builders of this art form, then none of those builders are going to respect you.

Simply put, people like you make people like me completely lose interest in expanding equality to a global market or attempt to keep these instruments affordable, especially when it takes so much more time and energy than simply selling them in person, to people that we know, trust, and respect long before the instrument is even part of the equation.....or just put them all on Ebay. People like you exploit the positive intention for greater equality.

Anyone that needs help selling one of these things is either a scam artist like you, or hasn't achieved a level of respectable quality. No one else needs your help, I assure you!!!!!

Perhaps you would get quite a lot out of reading much more Martin Luther King Jr as you are clearly missing the point of the quote or the Man's mission in life to create greater racial equality, respect and love for each other. This has nothing to do with east-west, poor-rich, first world-third world, latin, white, black, purple or blue. This has to do with you being a scam artist and trying to exploit the people that make or own these instruments for your own selfish gain. And not for a single pan that you bought, but as a business model. :bang:

Cheers to all of the loving and compassionate people that want to understand your side in this. Personally, in my humble opinion, I believe this is a perfect example of an instance where we should draw a solid boundary against you and your website in compassion for you so that you might wake up to the reality of your actions and also in compassion to all of the visitors that come to this forum for information and might be scammed by you. This thread is in a section of this forum that shows all too clearly that we don't need your service, don't want your service, and don't respect your intentions.

It is definitely time for you to think about a different industry or art form to exploit.

Are you admins going to "compassionately" ban this guy or what?
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Re: (warning)

Postby phoenix » Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:28 pm

Are you admins going to "compassionately" ban this guy or what?

I don't think 'ban' is the right word ... can we just get rid of him please ?
He has no place here and he's making the place smell bad ...

It would be the compassionate thing to do for the rest of us
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Re: (warning)

Postby greenoak » Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:41 pm

The mods discussed this before allowing him on the forum.

We agreed to allow him on here, however temporary, to explain whatever it is he wanted to explain. It seems fairly obvious his direction.

In addition it is your chance to ask a direct public question (while it lasts)

and I do not think it will last much longer. ;)

-greenoak :geek:
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Re: (warning)

Postby michael » Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:54 pm

So, I ask some questions:

Are you involved with Hernan Gomez or Andres Gomez?
The internet domains
are going now directly to

the email used:
is selling as well a Hang from Miami:

with a link to the website of Gérald :x

another one from Columbia
and there are more!!!!

:dd: :love: Hallo!
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Re: (Chevere)

Postby fernandoalvarez » Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:01 pm

He leído con detenimiento cada uno de sus comentarios los veo muy acertados a excepción de algunos amigos que encajan perfectamente en la frase que cite de Martin Luther king, los cuales únicamente para referirme a ellos de ahora en adelante les citare esta gran frase de este pastor norteamericano luchador por los derechos civiles.

En resumen FERNANDO Vs FORO es un choque cultural, esta muy bien que ustedes defiendan sus ideas con altura y profundidad como lo hace Nic pero no hay que olvidar es que el mundo esta globalizado y en cierta parte se están contradiciendo al utilizar Internet que es la expresión máxima de las libertades.

Querer detener un proyecto de comercialización como el mío será para ustedes como tapar el sol con una mano, la ley universal de la oferta y la demanda los aplastara tarde o temprano, cuando alguien mas descubra este nicho de mercado, los Fernando se multiplicaran y crecerán exponencialmente en mi opinión están apagando una hoguera con gasolina. Entre mas hablan de mi mas personas se me inscriben a mi lista de espera.

Yo ya les escribí a los fabricantes y la respuesta fue que ellos solo venden directamente a los de la lista de espera.

Creo que esta lucha no nos llevara a ninguna parte, debemos buscar una solución donde todos estemos sin ningún tipo de discriminación ni prejuicios.

Estoy abierto a escuchar mas comentarios sensatos y acertados como los de Nic, no estoy de acuerdo con la forma grosera como algunos miembros se expresan y menos que se satanice mi actividad comercial.
Cordial Saludo,

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Re: (warning)

Postby Gérald » Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:06 pm

Speak English, we can't understand.
Don't you are from Nueva York USA ???
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Re: (Chevere)

Postby fernandoalvarez » Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:39 pm

El ingles no es mi lengua materna, como les dije en mi correo anterior mis negocios están orientados al mercado hispanoamericano, no escribo muy bien el ingles por eso me abstengo de utilizarlo en mis negocios.
Cordial Saludo,

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