Hasta la vista Carol Whitney

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Postby xkliber » Sun Jul 19, 2020 10:31 pm

Thanks to both of you Sylvia and Margaret for accompanying her so sweetly and lovely (and giving news through Facebook where she was the more active since several years). :bow: :*: <3
Carol, thanks for your kind words, always encouraging and interesting as well as our talks from time to time about music, Handpan, Flamenco and also some nice laughs together through private messages or comments on Facebook and this forum posts here or there. :)
I will remember you as a real passionate, full of joy and good energy. :dd: :*: <3
A candle has been lightened near me to guide all my good thoughts and love, through the atmosphere, right to you, when the day came, and the day before during your transition. :idea: :*: <3
I played some of my new instruments for you at home.
Have a nice journey.
Would have loved to meet you “in the flesh” but I know I met you “for real” even through the distance and we’ll meet again soon as the time passes not at the same speed there. :*:

See you soon in another time, space and dimension sweet, dear, funny, musical, lovely and encouraging Carol!
:love: :hug: :toast: :dd: :*: <3
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My music releases support Good Causes. :) <3
I enjoy music collaborations, feel free to contact me. ;)
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