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Warnings of suspect sales.

Re: First Handpan

Postby Bikerbusk » Sat Aug 09, 2014 3:40 pm

Afinfas, I do understand the hypnotic draw to Saraz with the vision and workmanship of Marc and team in there end product, I myself get blown away with the consistent ongoing climbing of quality leaving the shop.

But wait theres more, the ambassadorship of the instruments to the public promoting the positive in that like a double sided cutting-edge on a sword.

Thats the magic, by taking that epiphany and making it come to be. The Front Man, The Builder,  The networking with builder's. and public.

Marc / Saraz is an example how a company / individual should be.

Afinfas, just hang in there stay with the maker or makers you are drawn to, the time in wait is for some the killer of dreams, and if time killed a dream, or one is distracted to loose dream with time, it was just a fad and will fade.
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Re: First Handpan

Postby Afinfas » Sat Aug 09, 2014 4:46 pm

Thanks for your thoughts Bikerbusk. :)

Im ok with the waiting even If I built up some expectations, the source of most of the disappointments in the world so, my fault! ;)

I totally understand Saraz guys point of view and im the first one not wanting an instrument not reaching the quality standards defined by the maker. Luckly im on a point of my life that I can handle with things happening as they are.

And actually I just mentioned this subject not to complain but in order to speak about the rumor it was being told, that Saraz doesnt ship outside USA anymore. ;)

We´re going way off topic...
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Re: First Handpan

Postby Kenneth D.W » Mon Aug 11, 2014 9:20 am

fellow panners :-)

i have to apologize because i misunderstood the mail saraz sent me. i found the reply somewhere in my mail box.

" quote" Kenneth,

Our list for shipped instruments most likely won't open up till the second half of next year. Our current prices range from $2000 USD to $2700 USD depending on how many notes are ordered.
You should keep an eye on Luis is currently taking an extended holiday, but he doesn't keep a waiting list anymore from what I understand. He'll only accept those who are willing to come pickup the instrument in person which might work for you.

"end quote

So my deepest apologies if i have offended onyone in any way :blush:

Kind regards
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