Terré handpan steeldrum from Music Store

Warnings of suspect sales.

Terré handpan steeldrum from Music Store

Postby broussel2 » Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:23 pm

Music Store, a very large music shop (also online), sells a handpan that pretty much looks like a Bali Steel Pan.
http://www.musicstore.de/en_EN/GBP/Terr ... 029525-000

At €1,965.40 / £1684 / $2715, this is in the very high price range of handpans, especially if this is a Bali Steel Pan (http://www.balisteelpan.com), which sells for half that price ($1350) from the maker, shipping to most locations included.

"The Handpan Steeldrum from Terre is the result of years of development. It was constantly improved and tweaked until the Handpan achieved an exceptionally high level of quality. This is clear to hear in the finely balanced sound image with clean expression and even over tones.
The Handpan is made in Balo and comes in a padded back-pack-

TERRE Handpan Steeldrum Features:
F-Tuning (others available per request)
Made in Bali
Clean address
Balanced sound image
Even over tones
Incl. back-pack"
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Re: Terré handpan steeldrum from Music Store

Postby Heavenly3lues » Thu May 01, 2014 5:29 am

I do believe it is a Bali Steel Pan :bang:
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