scamming technique

Warnings of suspect sales.

scamming technique

Postby broussel2 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 7:00 am

A paper about an elaborate, ongoing scamming process ("Rebecca Dagg").
Just to give you an idea of the current level of scamming. ... mmers.html
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Re: scamming technique

Postby Afinfas » Thu Sep 26, 2013 7:19 pm

broussel2 wrote:A paper about an elaborate, ongoing scamming process ("Rebecca Dagg").
Just to give you an idea of the current level of scamming. ... mmers.html

Thanks for the info! ;) Indeed it can be worth it to know about it.

Its unbelievable what persons do to get some bucks..... :(
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Re: scamming technique

Postby Bikerbusk » Fri Sep 27, 2013 2:50 am

I spent my entire life fascinated with the Scam. From the traveling performance troop, to circuses and sideshows working the united states. That's where the term make your nut came from, due to local police would take the nuts off wagons and disable so show could not leave with out paying what was owed to township.And now the Internet almost makes it so a person does not have to travel. advertisements and government are the best at it, causing fear in public of that have to get this drug for an elements they don't even have, and government attempt to control the masses.

In order get scamed one needs to be a target with there guard down, and that's a shame one needs to have guard up. But so many people here are so young, the pan market is perfect to get got.

I don't want and never did want money from pan community, and still don't. All I ever wanted was quality pan from quality makers that I had built a relationship with. Its just to much money to spend blindly on a pan that you don't know where its coming from.

And some people have that dream to be full time street preformer with a chance of the lime lights. I seen the lights and never wanted fame, but just want to make an above avarge living without having to even think about doing the scam. The scam is so short term and really not worth the efforts of watching over the shoulder. The last thing you want is to take from me or my circle and worry about me or my friends being that sound in your backyard just waiting for one to check and see....

The scam just ain't worth it, but we can't be a easy target also, by having to get that right pan right now, even thou we want it .and those that scam the makers in attempt for fast cash, that's just short term thinking.

Jeremy was going to show a guy to busk, I had him a job lined out anothet person had him a place to live , and the guy wanted no part of it...the money is so there using pan as tool with public, but got to think out of the box to get that little extra, and there is no need to cheat anyone, and pay just enough taxes to keep state and feds off your backside.And just skate threw life.....
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