Fernando Alvarez scam nowadays -

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Fernando Alvarez scam nowadays -

Postby Marnamber » Fri Sep 06, 2013 6:13 pm

As usual, preety much the same as Saggitarius / Stg / Hernan drum do, this slimeball also chooses to change their "company" name
Can someone please update the Sticky Warning?


Though, not the only one who tried using the word "Hang" as a filter. Dunno why, i was thinking about someone who stated a few months ago: - the "best HANGPANS in the world" - :giggle:

God, i despise people who don't have the balls to just to call their stuff for what it is or who abuse the name "Hang" to earn fast money.

What almost cracked my rib from laughter was the "testimonials" section, this one in particular: (first in spanish and then i translated in english)

"Gracias a mi amigo Geral que me recomendó este maravilloso sitio Web, conseguí mi hand pan en menos de 20 días, afortunadamente ya hay buenas ofertas para Latinoamérica conseguí uno de fabricación Brasilera de marca HAND PAN Excelente, antes tocaba ir a rogarle al agrandado de don Felix a Suiza para que me lo vendiera sin ningún resultado, pase cinco años enviando cartas y nada ahora tengo el mejor de todos estoy feliz y nuevamente muchas gracias a este sitio Web."

(Mentions a guy named Geral (what a coincidence that we have a Gerald here :p)

" Thanks to my friend Geral WHO RECOMMENDED this MARVELOUS website, i obtained my hand pan in less that 20 days! Fortunately there are good offers for Latin America, i got one made in Brasil from this brand and is excellent. Before the only thing you could do was pray to the arrogant of Mr. Felix :doh: in Switzerland to sell me one without results, i spent 5 years sending letters and now i have the best of all and i'm happy thanks to this website"

I'll be honest with you in one thing. I'm not such thing like a master in literature and language. But every paragraph seems redacted by a person with some sort of brain damage (with no offense to people who actually have health issues). I mean, Colombia is one of the cradles of latin speaking spanish, and he does not seem to fu$%*ing speak it! When you read his texts in english, he suffers from ortographic leprosy, but don't think that in spanish he does better.
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