TerraTonz or TerraPan

Warnings of suspect sales.

TerraTonz or TerraPan

Postby Victor Fenech » Tue Apr 07, 2020 8:36 am

Hi Everyone, new to this sight, I want to give out a Warning to everyone in the community regards TerraTonz or TerraPan, they are and have been taking money from people for Handpans and not delivering on Purchases, I know of 5 people that have been Scammed and ripped off for over $10,000.00 Us Dollars between them and they are only the ones i have had contact with, regards the owners Chris Karanovich who has done a runner and left America and has left his wife Kelli Lynn Grey who says she is the owner of the business now, refuses to engage or offer any response to the people that Honestly Paid her over $2000.00 each for a hand pan.

So be warned she is still operating taking money and not supplying any handpans, remember the name as she is giving the industry a bad name and ruthlessly steeling hard earned peoples money, they need to be exposed and put out of Business, putting it out there to at least stop others suffering a pain-full expensive Lesson, regards Victor Fenech.
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Re: TerraTonz or TerraPan

Postby broussel2 » Tue Apr 07, 2020 9:40 am

I've heard bad things about CR Karanovich and money since the first days he launched his business...
Other businesses to avoid for the same reasons (undelivered instruments) are Zen Handpans/Manny Guerrero and Sierra Sound Sculptures/Logan Needham.
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