Lost /Found Before/After

What have you lost ? What have you found ?

Lost /Found Before/After

Postby dorjezangpo » Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:51 pm


Lost: My Open Hearted Enthusiasm
by GotHang » Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:08 pm

As a result of many factors I don't feel the same joie de vivre around the steel since early last year.

Perhaps I'm just getting older

Re: Lost: My Open Hearted Enthusiasm
by Bikerbusk » Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:08 pm

I just find this works I stay busy.... I want to make friends here, while the Normal thing that people do in age is not want to make friends ....and also people don't know how to take an honest person...
But I set eyes on Halo as first unit...and could have picked up other just to have..but only heard in halo that attracted me also in Victir, Luis Nobuya, & Spike..
But its the Flipers out there causing most the pain for pans & the scamers, and for the panless ever little thing gets under the skin ... Sure my wait is personal , but how am I to say just because its personal to me, give me the right to let my feelings over ride and disregard others feelings....
With the subject of multiple pan's ... Just stop and think if I have commitment with pan and something happens to my pan so I can not do the gig , of course I would want to have another and to be 100% safe 3 would be magic number, just to keep all 100% pristine / tuned ...
So when Halo does make it will be on phone to Nobuya to match, and some day victor and Luis , and even thou will have pan let's not forget Spike in his tounge units, that can accent all .. thus weekend I spending all day sat to figure out best way to Mic up zen just to see the best application to do so...
I don't won't to be a thorn in any builders side, but want my presents known , that I'm not going away even after I get pan, I see the big picture of what I can do with these things 4 years ago , the halo was like the missing Link that I am tracking down, not to put on my wall or show off as look what I got.... But for me to merge with pan to incorporate it & me with my friends in performance art in. visual / sound & movement
That's the only reason I stay here... Roy


first hospital gig
by drumabob » Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:52 pm

What a day !!! on this quebec national day everybody is expected to do french folklore. But this was a last minute gig change because of rain. we where suppose to play djembe in a parade !
so here i am with this young autistic guitar prodigy playing for 60 elders in well chairs who did clap their hands to the few folk songs that i pulled out of my hat. But when i started playing halo...lots of eyes closed and the applauses where even warmer than with traditional folk music i did...gift number one
Gift number two...as long as having my pan with me i went busking. My spot is ona board walk by the water. I cannot help noticing this lovely young women who after passing in front of me went to stare at the water many feet away ...she stayed there for maybe half an our, just staring at the lights in the water..i did not know that my music reached that far but at one point she came to me and sat down...i had to tell her something like ...that she looked so peacefull standing there on the bridge...she replied...''that is because of the beautifull music you play...thank you for making me daydeam'' saying that with tears in her eyes she just left with a little smile...gift number two...thank you life...merci la vie

Steel is in my veins

I have been searching this forum for some weeks now to learn as much as I can about these instruments that cause such depth of emotions to rise to the surface, from not only myself, but clearly from others in this forum. I spend most of my time in "developments" still deciding whether to begin to build or just wait to acquire. But searching out these builder's nuggets of gold hidden in the forest of this forum I follow other paths to find posts like yours Roy.

Please forgive if using your words offends but I would really like you, to speak some, on where you were then to where you are now, as it is clear that a significant change has taken place and I'm not sure if it is just due to your acquiring a Halo. I think your insights during this period would help and might generate some discussion from others who have went from this before/after lost/found stage that many, including myself, are attempting to make peace with.

If you choose not to respond then let me just say that these posts from two different threads by you had a positive affect on my soul, thank you for stepping out there. :toast:
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Re: Lost /Found Before/After

Postby Bikerbusk » Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:16 pm

.... dude .... I know what your feeling believe me 5 years in wait .... lost the house .... chapter 13 ... and broke .... and panless.....
The quest for the pan was the only thing that kept me sane and insane in getting flush ...and practice constantly with public.. and building my shop...

But when the pan came to hands ... now that was and is a diffrent set of hurdles.....I'm not much in putting any video on me until I get finished bit with pan and slap stick .... but in that comes pan time .... and just got over the fear of hurting my halo....and that was only due to face to face with Ray / greenoak......also my obsession and hatred of flippers... that same face to face let me realize I could do nothing about it ......just be there to suport makers .....

I take it personal for people to pray on panless....other then that I love public and story a quailty pan is perfect tool for that ..... and weather I go to cirque.... with troup ...or use pan for my own mobil busking by myself or form another troup just for that .....the pan has always been capstone to it all...

But its practice practice practice and incorporate the new with the existing and that takes pan time ...clown time ...and glass time...for me ...... to reinvent me to pull it togeather.....

See to get the pan is one thing .... and what your going to do with it ... is another .... and for each person that is diffrent ...

Now I can never do what drumbob did or does.... I did that as clown ...but it kills me to do it ....to preform at Hospital...it takes me days to be able to recover after preforming sick kids ....and elderly hospital. ... the same ...I done it ... but it kills me a little every .....
I'm lucky to most ....I got an above average job ...that after restructure I can pan up with 3 quality pans .... have home base glass shop.... and build up police Harley with trailer to preform and sell at the same time when I leave ...

But you need to contact .....JHOUSEMAN......less then 15 min from you....he will let you put hands on pan ...

And think about Spike and his stuff he does while in wait....

And like I said if I got time I will make it to springs at tail end of my glass workshop in Colorado......

But as for pan play and pan use I play for me ...skill level coming up ... but as for public pan is a tool ....to be self contained. ... like I did in past playing with public .....
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Re: Lost /Found Before/After

Postby dorjezangpo » Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:25 pm

Thanks Roy for the response, much appreciated, I will contact him, I'll be back home in a couple of weeks.

sidebar: I do believe I mixed up a few posts here from a few different folks but I believe my question flows with these comments and is still apropos
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Re: Lost /Found Before/After

Postby CarolW » Tue Jun 25, 2013 8:08 pm

dorjezangpo, and Bikerbusk (Roy) - your posts are a wonderful service to this community. Thank you.

<3 :dd: :dance: :dd: <3 :bow:

Tue, 25 Jun 2013 12:08:31 (PDT)
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