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Hang lost in London

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:29 pm
by Vassily
Hello all,
Have been asked to forward this message,feeling for this person’s pain,I kindly ask and thank you in advance for your attention
LONDON please be on the look out for my Panart Hang drum.
Serial # 0154
It was taken while I was waiting at the Uber pick up Heathrow T2. level 4 Row H.
It could have been picked up by accident or it could be in a old silver Prius. License plate starts with L.
The Uber driver didn’t want to take all our bags but we already started loading the car. It could have been left in there when we were unloading.
The driver was Allauddim or close to that. About 50 - 69 years old possibly Pakistani with greyish beard on the jawline.
The drum is signed by Sabine and has a pyramid sticker on it.
We are calling it back with the Gayatri mantra that I have sun on the hang drum for over 10 years. This mantra melody was born from this drum.
Please pray or sing with me for it’s return & please be on the look out for it if you see it for sale.
I contacted the police, airport & Uber and Uber’s Facebook groups.
Much love and thanks
His name is Masood Ali Khan