Instruments stollen from Samantha Archer and Jaron Tripp

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Instruments stollen from Samantha Archer and Jaron Tripp

Postby xkliber » Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:30 pm

Hi guys,
It seems there is nothing yet here about that so I'll share the information.

This last June, in the South West of France, we had the 4th Handpan Festival (which was really awesome, BTW, there are a lot of beautiful videos and photos on FB if you are on that social network if you want, ask me here or in private if you're curious and want to find them).

The second day, a few hours before Sam and Jaron's performance on stage, they took their car (with some of their instruments and even freshly made vinyls of their brand new album) and went to chill a bit on the beach (at about 20 min from the festival site).
During that moment, their car was broken and they lost their 2 unique AsaChans, a cajon pedal, a stick for Jaron's Berimbau and a box of vinyls... (even some food). :shock: :(
They are well insured and they could find similar scale on other instruments they borough from some friends to be able to pursue their new album tour, but, anyway, you know like me that handpans are unique, with a special history, and they can't really be replaced.

So, here is some infos, keep your eyes open: :geek:
AsaChan AnnaZiska in C sharp with a high A and C sharp underneath. From May 2014
AsaChan AmaRa in C sharp. 1 evatek case and 1 original AsaChan bag. From September 2014

These are the 2 stolen instruments:

More details (with pictures) here on my public FB post and in the comments:

Fingers crossed!
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