Lost and Found at Hangout 14

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Lost and Found at Hangout 14

Postby Didgeridoo » Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:54 am

This year was particularly special for me as I re-discovered how close the pan family is despite some vast distances and languages

I spoke with many others over the weekend and was again made to feel very welcomed by all that I met and I did meet some really nice new and old friends

Some questions and topics asked were a bit deep, but now there seems to be a better understanding between me and others as regards me and how I think and write as they took the time to sit and talk about stuff, hopefully I left a better impression in person that I do on the forum

I now have a greater understanding how the surrogate distant little family functions and its mindset and have come to realize that if everyone lived in the same place it would be an ideal little commune

Thanks again brothers and sisters for restoring my faith in this little family as I was a bit lost, and the kind words offered regarding some past indiscretions coupled with a new understanding of how things went down and why

It was a very wise decision to have come along this year and im already looking forward to seeing yall again next year

All hail the pan

OHHH the Lows and rare highs of handpan creating!
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